turnkey hotel room


Our Team is your partner with a portfolio of solutions appropriate to the Hotel industry.

  • Our Mobile App platform – provides modern bi-directional communication with hotels’ guests
  • WiFi with outstanding performance in providing internet access to your guests while using Captive Portal for improving your marketing campaigns
  • Our Fiber to the room portfolio and approach guarantees that premium services with high speed demanding protocols are delivered without limits

Recent Projects

  • HOTEL RESORT CATV OVER FIBER. The HOTELFON Solution is installed in a Hotel Resort in the Island of Rhodes-Greece. The design and installation include all CATV and data access directly to the rooms. The Passive-Optical-Network (PON) fiber optic system includes fiber optic cables, patch panels, cabinets, optical splitters, CATV laser transmitters, EDFA amplifiers, TV signal detectors counting more than 1200 fibers optic connections in total. The system is supported by the HOTEL Fiber Optic Network (HOTELFON) solution developed by our company

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