Smart City

The recent developments in IoT are undoubtedly a hope for creating new opportunities for more efficient resource management with multiple benefits for a wide range of end-users as well as in the field of vertically markets for certain companies involved in the subject.

The IoT is estimated to have a $1.7T annual economic impact in cities by 2025.

IoT breakthrough can be adopted from Municipalities and other Governmental (or Non) bodies to Museum and other entities which are constantly engaged with the community or the population.

Some Benefits:

Improve infrastructure and make existing infrastructure more scalable
Enhance public transportation and keep citizens safe and engaged in their community
Take advantage of the monitoring options to reduce spending and improve quality of life and sustainable growth, while at the same time create more efficient and cost-effective services.

Any city may become “smart”. Our platform is ready to host and integrate the “parking solution” you may prefer, the “lighting components” which fit to your city plan and the following technologies and solutions

Optronics is your partner and specialized in Integrations with various protocols, Applications and platforms. “Unified” is a prerequisite in the continuous effort of organizations to have their systems cooperate to increase productivity and operations control and achieve a decrease in costs and a maximization of profits. A modern business, has to create an integrated model of operations, to achieve a number of benefits.

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