ILAFID+ is a live (active) fibre detector used “in-line” with a fibre optic link to generate an alarm when optical signal is altered for any reason. The operation of the device does not affect the link that monitors (neutral device).

It monitors the link and acknowledges immediately through Sensor Traps the Dry Contacts or TTL level digital outputs as well as by e-mail the network supervisor for any optical power variation in the network caused at the physical layer of the installed infrastructure (e.g. cable breakage, faulty patch cord or disconnection, cable bending or tension).

  • Analogue & Digital Output Signal Status
  • 4 Threshold Levels Monitoring Alarms
  • Direct Optical Power Measurement
  • Up to 4 f/o links monitored.
  • Web-based Interface
  • Environmental Sensors (Temp/Hum/Power/Motion)
  • SNMP , Ethernet Port, USB, WiFi
  • Network and Operationally neutral device (ie. No effect on a link if device fails)
  • Active Fiber Monitoring is done with ILAFID+ by connecting the network transmitting fiber in between the network equipment (OLT-ONT).
  • Dark Fibre Monitoring is done by use of additional external source and passive WDM
  • Mobile Backhauling Monitoring
  • Fibre Optic Infrastructure Security
  • Early Warning on Damage Potentiality

Need to monitor your fiber optic network?