SOLAREYE – Solar Park Monitoring

Photovoltaic installations are assets that create value for their owners. Therefore plant owners should strive to get the most out of it and maximize ROI.

PV professionals responsible for the operation and maintenance of PV installations need IT solutions that maximize the yield of the installations, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the costs associated with monitoring, management and fault recovery.

Traditional monitoring and management systems of photovoltaic installations are limited to the presentation of data collected at the plant.

The SolarEye Platform is an intelligent system that acts as a virtual energy assistant, proactively monitoring and automatically detecting potential faults in your PV plants with high accuracy, creating a synergy between the plant owner and the PV professional, towards increased efficiency, reliability and higher returns.

  • Innovative diagnostic tools for rapid fault isolation through user-friendly and stylish interfaces, based on Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Automatic generation of the AC diagram of each installation and visualization of possible faults, thus increasing recovery speed.
  • Identification of inverters with loss of energy, plotting the period when production is less than expected and the corresponding loss of energy.
  • Graphical representation of multiple data (Generated Power, Energy, Current, Voltage, etc.)

Alerts are sent through email and SMS in case of major failures and erratic operation. Full reporting regarding the plants’ operational status and performance, as configured by the integrator

Need to monitor your photovoltaic park?